Michael Gennis Design Partners

Michael Gennis Design Partners

“Clients hire us because they trust us (who we are) and because they believe they will gain something of value from working with us (our value proposition). Both must be authentic and clear and, when it comes to the ‘something of value,’ it must be what they value.” – Fred Janssen

I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my value proposition in a way that exceeds my clients’ needs and expectations. I believe it is important to confirm that the value you think you are delivering is the value that your client thinks they are receiving. That’s how client relationships grow in a trusted manner.

Throughout my entire adult life), I have always been fascinated by, and demonstrated a keen eye for, residential design and decor. In my 20s, I decorated my parent’s condo to rave reviews from family and friends. When I bought my first home, the design process was my absolutely favourite part. My 28 career in telecommunications and business consulting may have paid the bills, but my interest in residential design and decor grew in time, particularly as I continued to buy and sell my own homes. It was when I started getting involved with custom home construction that my talents really evolved.

In January 2016, I launched Michael Gennis – Design Partners. Our approach is to provide a totally integrated  solution – think a ‘white glove’ service that leverages the talents of a group of  ‘best of breed’ partners, and coordinates project delivery for our clients. In other words, we oversee and coordinate it all. Our partners will provide expertise in areas of planning and detailing (architectural design, conceptual & scale drawings, elevations & room layouts, construction documentation, space planning), product sourcing (kitchen & bath, surface finishes, tile & marble, stone & granite, custom carpeting, artwork sourcing, window coverings, flooring, wall coverings, lighting, and furniture), and we manage the entire project. We will also work with experts of the clients own choosing.

We also provide consulting services for new home buyers and those who are planning renovations to existing homes. The intent is to help clients envision changes which are matched perfectly to their own taste and preferences. We provide support in areas including, but not limited to colour and theme, form and function, understanding blueprints and design specifications, trends and pitfalls, remodel and refurbish, interior and exterior architectural detailing, and working with builders and/or contractors.

Our goal quite simply to deliver integrated ‘best of class’ design solutions that meet or exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Our commitment is to deliver our best work to your complete satisfaction.