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Give Thanks and Be Happy (borrowed from a colleague :-))


Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and most of us are anticipating a weekend of family and friends getting together to enjoy good food, give thanks and be happy for our bountiful harvest. Many of you live in cities and may not have a direct link to our farmers and the land that delivers our food but the act of Thanksgiving and gratitude is still an opportunity to reflect on our natural wealth, connect more deeply with our community and to feel a true sense of happiness.

When thankfulness, or gratitude become an attitude instead of a feeling, everything changes. A feeling is beyond our control while an attitude is a choice.

There is always a mix of good and not so good things happening around us. While I don’t believe we should ignore the challenges, when we make the conscious decision to appreciate the good things and share our appreciation with others, our joy and happiness naturally increase. This is the underpinning to positive psychology and if we want to succeed in life, this is a pretty important habit to build

Happy people attract other happy people. This art of attraction is pretty simple.

Enjoy the long weekend, turn your smart phones off and give your entire attention to the people that matter to you.