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Expanding our Product Offerings

“Clients hire us because they trust us (who we are) and because they believe they will gain something of value from working with us (our value proposition). Both must be authentic and clear and, when it comes to the ‘something of value,’ it must be what they value.” – Fred Janssen
I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my value proposition in terms of working with clients. I also believe it is important to confirm that the value you think you delivered is the value that your client thinks they received. That’s how relationships grow in a trusted manner. The goal is to become your client’s ‘trusted advisor’.
For years (actually throughout my entire adult life), I have always been fascinated by, and demonstrated a keen eye for, residential design and decor. In my early 30s, I decorated my parent’s condo to rave reviews from family and friends. When I bought my first home, the design process was my absolutely favourite part. My career in Telecom/IT may have paid the bills, but my interest in residential design and decor only blossomed, particularly as I continued to buy and sell (probably too many of ) my own homes. It was when I started getting involved with custom home construction that my talents really emerged.
Truth be told, I have no formal training in residential design and decor. However, what I do possess are skills the average home buyer does not – the ability to read blueprints and envision changes to match taste and preferences, great insights on form and function when it comes to design elements, an ongoing awareness of trends and avoiding pitfalls that stem from chasing the wrong ones, and of course GREAT taste.
In the near future, I will formally launch the design consulting side of my business. I can promise that whether you hire me for design consulting services on their own, or as a buyer agent helping you look for a new home, I will deliver my best work to your ultimate satisfaction. (And I will finally satisfy those family and friends who have been encouraging me to do this for years!)
Stay tuned for details on services, pricing, and a portfolio of past projects.